Food and wine tours in Italy – 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences

On our food and wine tours in Italy, travelers will be surrounded by delicious tastes, heady scents and gaudy colors. Cook, bake, taste, smell, meet, listen, explore, dream: an experience for all senses!

Food and wine in Italy is a centuries-old legacy, which is highly regarded all around the world and recognized by the UNESCO as an immaterial heritage. Foodies will find here sheer heaven on earth: farm to table experiences in old countryside farmsteads, wine tasting tours amidst splendid vineyards and hilly slopes, genuinely designed cooking classes and touring food tastings in the most beautiful villages of Italy. While living these memories, travelers will listen to local stories and unwind.

Let’s discover our bestseller food and wine tours spreading across Northeast Italy (and not only).

1# Valpolicella wine tour

Valpolicella is one of the most prestigious areas of the Italian winemaking scene: this land has been devoted to viticulture since ancient times, as shown by the etymology of its name, “val polis cellae” that means “the valley of many wineries”.

Valpolicella is a harmonious mix of history, culture, folklore and tradition, enriched by an exceptional culinary heritage, enclosed between Lessini Mountains and Verona plain, not far from Lake Garda.


Food and wine tours in Italy - 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences


Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, hilly and gentle slopes house perched villages and castles: in this breathtaking scenery our guests will be guided through a vine-to-glass journey to discover its full-bodied wines, from Amarone to Recioto.

Among our food and wine tours in Italy, Valpolicella is one of our bestseller: renowned centuries-old cellars together with family-run wineries will give them the best glimpse of this historical scenery.

2# Prosecco wine tour

Prosecco is known and loved worldwide, but where does it actually come from? From the Prosecco area in Veneto region!

Besides enjoying an excellent climate, this land boasts unparalleled natural and historical wonders: gentle hills crowned by green vineyards dotted with strongholds, rural courts and Romanesque abbeys.


Food and wine tours in Italy - 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences


The Prosecco Road winds through a picturesque landscape from the towns of Conegliano to Valdobbiadene. Our travelers will explore the rolling hills by bike or with the van, admiring the views of Prosecco vineyards and drive alongside mighty castles and beautiful churches: every turn is a new surprise.

During this trip, travelers will stop in the historical wineries and listen to the stories of passionate winemakers: here the undisputed star is precisely Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG (registered and certified designation of origin).

3# Monte Baldo and Lake Garda food tour

Food and wine tours in Italy encompass the beauty of Lake Garda as well! Lake Garda is made of piers, marinas and beaches, but it’s in its mountains that one can find its genuine culinary traditions.

Monte Baldo lies in Trentino region, near to the border to Veneto, overlooking proudly the lake. Here, nature reigns: dreamlike natural sceneries and biodiversity such as fawns and roe deer make this land a real place to be for every outdoor lovers.


Food and wine tours in Italy - 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences


After an amazing hiking path, our guests can reach a mountain hut with a terrific view over Lake Garda, in a position where a 360-degree panorama opens up, gazing out at the surrounding slopes and plains.

Here a typical lunch will follow based on seasonal typical recipes from Veneto and Trentino. The freshest ingredients come directly from the vegetable garden, the farm and nearby producers!

4# Venice Lagoon food tour

A different and fun way to experience Venice and interact with the local Venetian people is to undertake a Bacaro tour.

The Bacaro is a kind of Venetian bistro where there is a wide selection of wines by the glass (ómbre or bianchéti) and small dishes and snacks (cichéti). It is the most Venetian of all traditions that still preserves the true flavor dating back to La Serenissima.


Food and wine tours in Italy - 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences


Travelers can wander from the Rialto fish market along the alleys (calle) and canals through cosy squares (campi) and stop at different Bacari where they can taste the real flavors of Venice: baccalà, castraùre, moleche, masanete, schie, fritole, zaeti… As many local specialties as Venetian alleys. Better take time!

5# Food Valley tour

The heart of Italian culinary tradition is food valley, the area of Parma and Emilia. Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: does it sound familiar to you?


Food and wine tours in Italy - 5 best farm to table and vine to glass experiences


In this area our guests can visit a diary: traveling back in time, they can admire the expert gestures of the master cheese makers. Here the product is still handmade and without any preservatives, following strict procedures.

Then it’s the turn of Parma ham factory and Acetaia (the place where Balsamic vinegar is produced) where guests will learn something more about top-notch products made in Italy.

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