5 Tour & Activity Trends for Adventure Travelers in 2023

Travel will always be worthwhile in 2023. It means freedom, enriching experiences, cultural immersion, especially if you’re surrounded by Italian beauty! Are you looking for inspirations? What will be the most inspiring motivations and experiences for Adventure Travelers? Let’s find out in 5 Tour & Activity Trends for 2023.

1# Adventure Travelers go for Self-guided Tours

What does it mean to take a self-guided tour? As the word itself, it means having a tour alone with your family, friends, partners. On a self-guided tour, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, but it comes with the freedom to pick and choose what you want to do and when. You could be biking, hiking and trekking, or road-tripping, or city-hopping, all at your own pace with the luxury of knowing that your travel expert will have your back whenever you need advice or support!

At Itinera Bike & Travel we design inspiring self-guided bike tours, providing you with GPX tracks and PDF road book, 24/7 assistance, overnight stays and bike pickup. Here’s the motto: “Your own pace, your riding schedule, your travel mates”.

2# Solo Travelers, no matter your age

Solo Travel is the most rewarding and eye-opening experience in life! So why not exploring the world on your own, if you’d like to travel but have no buddy at the right moment? Traveling alone enhances your self-esteem and learning ability, thoughts become more flexible and the mind freer. In this spirit, many people of all ages have set out to travel to either side of the world, and many have also been willing to share their experience online. It’s a new and exciting trend! And some solo travelers are also meeting with other travel enthusiasts to live unforgettable experiences.

We are wooing solo travelers with a wide range of customized offerings. We provide planned itineraries, organized experiences to get to know the best local haunts and travel tips. Verona and its surroundings are a safe area, which makes it an ideal destination for every female solo traveler, especially!

3# Cycling Holidays and the E-bike Revolution

Cycling holidays are the best ways to plunge into a local community. While biking, you can thoroughly discover the area by following your own pace. Cycling holidays fascinate and involve more and more Adventure Travelers.

Sustainability, outdoor experiences, short-haul travel: Italy, with its unique variety of cycle touring routes, makes it possible to choose for longer trips but also for short breaks. Touring routes are a mix of bicycle paths and selected secondary roads at low-traffic. There is truly something for everyone, both experts and novices, families, couples and solo travelers. The e-bike has certainly united the needs and desires of travelers, no matter the age and the distance. This incredible bike revolution has countless advantages:

  • E-bike makes cycling accessible to all age groups
  • It allows you to choose the level of effort
  • It allows you to plan stages and routes over long distances
  • And most importantly: it produces no harmful emissions to our planet!

4# Food and Wine as enriching Experiences

Vacation is no longer seen as just a time to relax, but as an opportunity to have experiences that can be culturally, socially and emotionally enriching.

Food and wine turns out to be a travel motivation we just can’t overlook: Italy is so rich and varied that every small village boasts unique food and wine traditions that vary even among very few miles. Tuck in Italian best cuisine, discover local products inside farms, beekeepers, pasta makers, cheese makers, wineries, you name it!

5# Slow Tourism on the rise for Adventure Travelers

Slow tourism is first and foremost our travel philosophy. A way of traveling and experiencing Italy in a different and deeper and authentic way, taking a break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

That’s why at Itinera Bike & Travel we show you communities, places, culture and traditions in a way that makes the difference. At a time when people want to travel consciously and safely, we are contributing to the support of local communities and the enhancement of under-the-radar destinations.

Saddle up with Itinera Bike & Travel and live lifelong experiences!

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