Bike tours in Verona

Bike tours around Verona

With or without guide • BOOK ONLINE


75€ per person
9–13:00 • Monday to Saturday • with guide

Amarone e-bike tour

Leave Verona behind and taste the famous Valpolicella wine directly where it is produced!


79€ per person
13–17:00 • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday • with guide

Verona bike and rafting tour

Verona on the water: cycling in the old city and easy rafting on river Adige.


99€ per person
9–17:00 • Monday to Friday • with guide

Lake Garda e-bike tour

Bike from Verona to Lake Garda shores and docks, lunch as extra. Full day with e-bike!


59€ per person
MONDAY TO FRIDAY • Self guided tour

Amarone e-bike&wine

Pick up your e-bike in Verona, follow the route on your mobile and reach the winery in Valpolicella Classica for the tasting.


59€ per person
MONDAY TO FRIDAY • Self guided tour

Lake Garda and Borghetto e–bike&wine

Pick up your e-bike in Peschiera del Garda, follow the route and reach the winery in the green inland.


17€ per person
WEEKEND • Shuttle service

Mincio Shuttle

Cycle along Mincio river and book the bus back! Peschiera del Garda–La Littorina del Mincio–Mantua: a bus for people and bikes

Guided bike tours on request

Verona, Valpolicella, Lake Garda, Valdadige, Venice: where do you want to enjoy a great time on the bike? These are just suggestions: let us organize the outdoor experience that suits you best!

From 79 €

4 people minimum

Valpolicella wine Hen Party

By e-bike out of Verona, towards the green countryside. Tastings at nice farmhouses and wineries.

From 79 €

4 people minimum

Verona and the countryside

Outside the center of Verona towards its green surroundings: vineyards and olive trees.

From 95 €

20 people minimum

Planning an active incentive

Group outdoor activity as team building and quality time together: a little effort, a lot of fun!

From 39 €


Verona bike tour

A great overview of the main monuments of Verona in short time, with art-and-history guide.

From 95 €

8 people minimum

Agrifood delivery tour

Become a bike messenger and discover the farmhouses of Verona with a itinerant cooking class

From 79 €

6 people minimum

Bike and rafting in Valdadige

In a great natural environment, an easy bike ride and a spectacular rafting experience on river Adige.

149 €

4 people minimum

A special taste: Albino Armani

An outstanding location in the hills of Valpolicella: great e-bike ride, wine and tapas, back by van.

95 €

2 people minimum

Romeo and Juliet bike tour

Easy bike ride in Verona, following the greatest Love story of all times. Funicular included!

From 125 €

4 people minimum
full day

Cycling in the Alps

Mountain views of Lessinia Natural Park, local cheese and lunch in alpine hut, by gravel bike or e–bike