By the Euganean Hills

Padova > Monselice (1/2) Along rivers and channels, to the Euganean Hills

50 km in the countryside In Italy we say: Christmas with your folks, Easter with whom you want. And on Easter Day, my girlfriend and me decided to go cycling! We decided to cycle around the hills of Padua and … Read More

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Long Trails: the Via Romea Along the path of pilgrims, by bike

Adapting ancient itineraries to the needs of the two wheels lovers I love biking long itineraries, that’s a way to know a territory, the landscapes and the histoy. I share this passion with my husband and we often pedal together. In … Read More

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Monselice > Vicenza (2/2) Este, Monti Berici: mills and Ville Venete

Under a clear sky until La Rotonda and Vicenza Second day by bike, among the Venetian Villas in Vicenza and Padua countryside. We were already active in the first hours of the morning: before starting cycling we decided to walk up … Read More

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From Peschiera to Mantova Easy and safe route, along Mincio river

From Lake Garda to the elegant city of Mantua, all on bike path Both cities are easily reachable by train from Verona, in a little time: Peschiera is just 15 minutes far from Verona, Mantova is 45 minutes far. We … Read More

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Along Adige river From Verona to Zevio, by the water

Easy and flat bike tour, in the green countryside South of Verona The river Adige, that flows fast down from the Alps, passing among valleys surrounded by high mountains, finally reaches the flatlands by Verona, then it slows down and … Read More

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Privacy Policy GDPR

Report concerning the protection of personal data, art.13 General Data Protection Regulation – Reg.UE 2016/679 1. Types of Data collectedAmong the Personal Information collected by this Application, either independently or through third parties, there are: name, surname, telephone number, email … Read More

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Bolzano Verona Arco

Among mountains and apple trees, we bike along the waters of Adige river

The Sun bike path that follow the valley floor is a paradise for bike lovers: the route is a long and safe car-free road, and it follows the river Adige, among vineyards and apple orchards. The route we suggest goes … Read More

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The channel to reach Venice, end of the bike tour

Venetian Villas by Padua and Mestre Rivers, old railway trails and villas

From Villa to Villa, two days by bike in the provinces of Padua, Venice and Treviso In the Veneto region there are plenty of villas: more than 5.000, according to the Venetian Villas Institute. We choose to visit them slowly, … Read More

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A sip of Valpolicella

By e-bike across the countryside Giusto fuori Verona, la campagna e la collina è caratterizzata dalla coltivazione della vigna. A pergola o alla francese, i lunghi filari, come pettinati da enormi rastrelli, adornano il paesaggio già molto umanizzato. Conscendo i … Read More

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Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta
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