Discover Valpolicella – amazing wine, hamlets and villas

Valpolicella is a land to discover, taste and experience slowly, by bike, just a half an hour from Verona! Led by our expert bike tour guides, you will be surrounded by terrific sights, breathtaking jewels and hidden gems. Read our ultimate guide about the Valpolicella region.


Where is Valpolicella?

Valpolicella is made up of the hills and valleys in the north of the city of Verona in the Veneto region of Italy. It extends from the valley of the Adige River on its western side to the volcanic territories of the Soave production area to the east. Valpolicella is an area of controlled designation of origin (DOC – DOCG) for its centuries-old wine-making production. What does it mean? According to the law, only wines produced within established boundaries, according to strict production regulations, can bear the name Valpolicella on the label.

There are 3 sub-areas in Valpolicella that can appear in the label:

  • Valpolicella Classica: the most ancient area, where some of the most historical wineries are located.
  • Valpolicella Valpantena: the first valley in the east of the city of Verona, known since ancient times for its fertility. Valpantena is not only famous for its wines but also for its extra virgin olive oil.
  • Eastern Valpolicella: the most eastern area of Valpolicella, made of Val Squaranto, Valle di Mezzane, Val d’Illasi, Val Tramigna. Here you can find some of the newest and most innovative wineries.

Valpolicella is the denomination of 4 wine varieties: Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.

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Valpolicella beyond wine

While riding, you’ll pass by stunning sights such as hamlets and historical villas!

San Giorgio in Valpolicella

San Giorgio di Valpolicella stands at the foot of Mount Solane, and it is perched on a hillrock: it offers an enchanting view that embraces Lake Garda to Verona, from Valpolicella to the Po Valley. There is no boundary between inhabited area and nature, it’s a real natural fortress that can be reached only after a walk, although it appears, at first glance, very close.

The presence of olive trees and vineyards leads to the production of extra virgin olive oil and DOC and DOCG wines of the Valpolicella denomination: Amarone and Recioto, Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore and Ripasso; if you happen to be here in summer, sip an excellent glass together with the delicious freshly picked cherries.

Places to see and things to do in the village:

  • Pieve di San Giorgio di Valpolicella dates back to the VII-VIII century, thus remaining one of the most ancient places of worship in the whole Veronese territory. Through a small door opened in the southern side of the church you can go out in the cloister, a small architectural jewel that lights up red at sunset.
  • Sitting in a typical restaurant and enjoying a traditional lunch: the dishes inspired by tradition are many and varied. Among them are the bean soup, tagliatelle in broth with chicken livers, pasta and beans, bigoli (pasta) with sardines, game cooked in different ways, Monte Veronese della Lessinia cheese. Among desserts stand out gradela, a sweet focaccia, and nadalin, a typical sweet made of almonds.

Villa della Torre

Villa della Torre in Valpolicella is a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance architecture and was built in the 16th century based on the reinterpretation of an ancient Roman Domus. Its inner halls hide chimneys made of sculptures depicting gigantic sea monsters, demons, lions and that, together with the artificial cave.

All these elements conceal a symbolism linked to intriguing initiation rites. Today the residence is owned by Allegrini winery and it is completely surrounded by vineyards: after a long period of inactivity it was restored and opened to the public. The villa is surrounded by vineyards used to produce the famous Palazzo della Torre wine.

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Our experienced tour guides will lead travelers through the most stunning highlights, the most hidden gems and the most incredible nature landscapes in Valpolicella!

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