From Dolcè to Verona A family on the bike

From Dolcè to Verona on the bike path: a short itinerary for families

Nino’s just turned three when, with grandpa, jumped on a tiny kids bike without training wheels and rode.

At the very beginning grandpa would run after the brand new cyclist, to adjust the trajectory when needed. Nino pedaled twice around the square, then again and than again. At that point grandpa wasn’t running anymore, but filming.

After learning how to pedal, you need to learn how to brake, how to brake on time and how to brake when parents scream from far. You need to learn to keep the balance on the stones of the dirty road, and how to hold the handlebar when you go downhill. Also the art of slowing down is something to keep an eye on.

Bike on the sidewalk, I’ll bike on the road.
No, you’re too short and too young to bike among the cars!
The helmet with the animals suits you nicely.

Biking from home to school has been a satisfaction. After that we looked for short itineraries to let Nino bike on his own. Kids love train. Here the program: Verona>Dolcè by train, Dolcè>Verona by bike. About 35 km.
The day was warm, not many ciclists on the road, the bike path was smooth and slightly downhill. Nino was happy to be on the pedals. We appreciated the water sprinklers which regularly spilled on the apple trees and the pedestrians. We stopped and enjoyed the water for a littel while. Second stop: figs; third stop: snack.

After the village of Ceraino, the bike path follows the river Adige and make a wide turn, than you pedal between the car road and the water. In Volargne the bike path finishes and we needed to bike uphill for a couple of kilometers to find it again. By Biffis channel, we entered the Sun Bike Path. From there the road is all straight: Bussolengo, Chievo, Verona.

I think Nino pedaled for something like 7 kilometers, among a story, a race, a snack, a break. Than we loaded the tiny (but heavy and bulky) kids bike on our bike and Nino on the child seat.

And he immedately felt asleep.

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