Ecotourism in Italy – why you should plan sustainable tours [with Itinera Bike & Travel]

What is the new frontier of ecotourism in Italy? Corona crisis has forced the world to take a deep breath and think ahead in every possible way. People are still eager to travel and will take a different approach to vacations in the future – they will choose slow, conscious and safe travel. According to recent studies, indeed, the pandemic will lead to travel more responsibly in the future.


Ecotourism in Italy - why you should plan sustainable tours [with Itinera Bike & Travel]

Source: Statista 2021 – Share of travelers (83%) that believe sustainable travel is important worldwide in the future


Sustainable development and ecotourism in Italy is today of paramount importance, as well as a competitive factor for any travel company.

The challenges of our times go hand in hand with a renewed awareness – why should we work together to create experience-based tours that are mindful of environmental and social changes?

Travel for regenerative purposes


Tourism sustainability has always been defined as the attempt to mitigate tourist footprint on destinations. But what if it were to become a lasting development model to support the territory and the people who live there?

A New York Times article mentioned the word “regenerative travel” in 2020.

Regenerative tourism projects ecotourism in Italy to the next step. It’s not just about reducing environmental and social impact of a destination, therefore choosing eco-friendly accommodation and transportation, but also about actively contributing to its development such discovering hidden gems, lesser-known cultural spots and buying from local producers.

In the words of the New York Times, literally “leaving a place better than you have found it”.


Support local communities

A new sense of community has emerged from the pandemic period: more travelers are aware that by supporting local trade and small businesses, they can help lift destinations out of the dark times of 2020. The new frontier of ecotourism in Italy means ​​supporting the recovery of rural traditions and helping local producers thanks to the on-site experience.

The need to weigh the economic impact of our purchasing choices is constantly developing: according to the survey, “Two-thirds (67%) of respondents indicate that they want their travel choices to also support the destination’s recovery efforts, and more than half (55%) want to see how their money is going back into the local community”.

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Undertourism as an antidote to overtourism


The images of the empty canals in Venice during the pandemic got us thinking: for some time now, crowded destinations like Venice have been trying to come to terms with overtourism, that is, mass tourism.

The pandemic led us forcibly to take this problem into account: people will avoid too much packed tourist destinations in the future and will plead for new visitor flow management measures.

This new attitude will bring travelers to rediscover unknown and minor villages, off-the-beaten paths and authentic nature trails. Slow travel and undertourism go hand in hand with ecotourism in Italy as an ever-increasing trend in contrast with hit-and-run tourism.


The E-bike revolution


Cycling vacations have become this year synonymous with freedom and safety: the two wheels allow travelers to move at their own pace, discover a territory guided by a professional and enjoy at the same time beautiful views and gourmet goodies.

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And by E-bike, shared fun is doubled fun: travelers can cover kilometers-long routes, without any particular effort and CO2 emission!

Thanks to the pedal-assisted technology, E-bikes are really suitable for everyone and open up to new target groups, making it a real powerful sharing tool, for the whole family and friends’ group. Cycling with an E-bike means combining sport with the pleasure of taste, interest in history and especially caring for the planet.




We are definitely sure: travel desire has not stopped, it is stronger than ever, especially after this period. Travelers will savor the freedom of travel, only by choosing experiences that respect nature and the local community.

Unknown villages, less crowded destinations and outdoor experiences, it’s our time!

Itinera Bike & Travel has always been devoted to these ways of travelling and will advocate ecotourism in Italy for the new future to come.

Are you eager to meet us? Get in touch, and we will design the best custom and eco-friendly tour together!

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