Incentive travel agency in Verona: 5 reasons why a company should think about team building

incentive travel agency

As incentive travel agency in Verona, we care about designing top-notch corporate and team building events that are able to motivate companies’ employees.

Team building proposals are carefully selected and customized by our experts based on a company’s goals, strengths and brand values, available time and level or type of activity. Factors that are then combined into a completely tailored experience.

But why is it important for a company to think about team building events in 2022?

Read our 5 top reasons why.

1# Embrace a new connection

Remote working has proven its efficiency and productivity, but at the same time, companies don’t have to lack human contact in the future.

All employees who have become “digital nomads” will be new business travelers: corporate events and team building experiences will be required to build new trust relationships and gather employees once or twice a year to meet up, not in front of screens. Our local incentive travel agency is here to help!


Source: Business Travel Observatory (Business Travel expense over time: pink – international / red: national > 2021: + 15% in comparison to 2020)

2# Face new challenges and grow

A company that is able to motivate its employees is able to face the challenges of an ever-changing market, especially in this recovery stage. A satisfied employee can adhere to the company’s goals, and have a clearer vision about the future of the company.

In addition, according to a study on the impact of employee engagement, companies that invest in team building are four times more profitable and this involvement is the main drive for innovation and workplace productivity.


3# Team stands for…

Team stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More“: a creative force that comes from the combination of different minds working together to achieve a better result. The benefits of a purposeful team building leads to greater cohesion and communication. It encourages group leadership skills and the ability to work closely to overcome problems or conflicts.

Through inspirational, challenging, and motivational experiences, designed by a reliable incentive travel agency, the group will feel mutually accountable for achieving a goal, finding themselves in the saying “unity makes strength”.


4# The power of the outdoors

The best way to bring the team together after this period of virtual contact is to offer employees a moment of lightheartedness and leisure, immersed in nature.

After two uncertain years when employees from all over the world worked remotely, team building can be a way to gather again outdoors and in total safety. Experiences in the natural environment will leave lasting memories for the team and be a way to share deep connections and creative insights once they return to the office or at home.


incentive travel agency

As incentive travel agency in Verona with focus on outdoor team building, we can help you design the best corporate activities. Biking, rafting, hiking are our strong suite! 

5# Share your values

Team building is also a great opportunity to share your business sustainability values. It helps you harmonize economic objectives with environmental and social needs, enhancing the value of the territory. Employees can be then ambassadors for a responsible, ethical and supportive experience.

That’s why our incentive travel agency in Verona, Itinera Bike & Travel, works only with local suppliers who mirror its standards on environmental and social terms.

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Revolutionize the old concept of team building and make it memorable for your employees! Bike & Rafting events, sport coaching, role play activities: all framed in the outdoor world. Outline your goals, share them with our team of experts and find the perfect activity for your needs, targets and message you want to share with your people. The best incentive travel agency in Verona will make your dreams come true!

Let’s get in touch: write us an email at [email protected] or visit our dedicated page for incentive travel!

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