Italy small group tours as real locals – in Verona, Lake Garda, Valpolicella Meet Elisa

Inspiring Italy small group tours to experience Lake Garda and Valpolicella as a real local: Itinera Bike & Travel is a tour operator in Verona which combines a great passion for its homeland and international expertise.

We have already learned something more about the story of Itinera Bike & Travel with its founder Simonetta, but how does the future look like?

Meet Elisa, the enthusiastic young entrepreneur who is passionately working to shape new innovation and digitalization goals. Discover her story behind the scenes!

Hello Elisa, thank you for being with us today!

When did your adventure with Itinera Bike & Travel begin?

After long periods of life experiences around the world, I would come back home, in Verona, to work as a tour leader for international groups, until I decided to stay once and for all. Now, I work full-time for Itinera Bike & Travel as Account & Partnership Manager.

My life abroad helped us to see things from a far-sighted international perspective. At the same time, we value our tradition as a family-run business, which conveys our attachment and belonging. It’s a matter of balance!

How would you describe Itinera Bike & Travel using three adjectives?

Local, sustainable and transparent.

Let me tell you why, for many reasons!

LOCAL – We strike the balance between “must-sees” and “unknown gems”. Our Italy guided small group tours in Veneto try to give a local glimpse that is impossible to discover alone on a self-guided tour.

SUSTAINABLE – We stand out in order to inspire travelers with our sustainable tours, not only in terms of environmental protection but also concerning local communities. We give voice to local producers, farmhouses, wine cellars. Our Italy small group tours are tailored to curious foreigner travelers that want to go beyond any appearance and travel for a purpose.

TRANSPARENT – Our mission is to show our land to the world in its lesser known spots, try to be beneficial for our community and for our travelers alike. We provide them with all information, promoting transparency and honesty above all.

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Can you give an example of local and sustainable tours?

We design eco-friendly cycling holidays in Verona, Lake Garda and Valpolicella combined with food and wine tours and corporate incentive trips. One single leitmotif: we promote slow travel to get to know hidden gems in Northern Italy, off the beaten path.

For example, our bike tours are not focussed on the target destination: the trip starts from when you get on the saddle and together with your guide you cycle on low-traffic and countryside roads to get to a cozy wine cellar. During this time, you’ll discover things that could pass unnoticed with other means of transport.

In terms of must-see destinations: Lake Garda, for example, is packed with tourists during summer who crowd along the lake promenade and the city centers. With Itinera Bike & Travel you will go beyond that limit and admire its countryside dotted with farmhouses, towers, castles and untapped hamlets.

How have you reacted and adapted to unprecedented times?

These two years have changed the world and the way of traveling we were used to. We, as a business, tried to cope proactively with these new challenges and laid the foundation for the future, analyzing trends which we have been promoting for ages: outdoor experiences, Italy small group tours, sustainable tours, active travel and undertourism. We have worked to broaden our digital strategy to overcome and meet the needs of modern times. Moreover, these changes gave us the opportunity to refocus our energy, selecting our local partner portfolio and strive for an even improved quality.

Which are the goals that will shape the future of Italy small group tours?

Firstly, finding the right compromise between standard products and tailor-made tours: we would like to have standard experiences to stand out with our tourism know-how and meanwhile devote our time (that we mostly already do) to custom partners and show them our reliability and flexibility. Tourism and travel all over the world have undergone unprecedented change, and that’s why it is fundamental to personalize our Italy small group tours and share the value with our customers that relying on expert and professional travel companies will make a real difference.

Second to that, expanding our international partnerships as well as our local partner network, mapping and scouting our territory to improve our offer and setting up new sustainable synergies.

Well, after these inspiring insights, we can do nothing but wish you the best luck!

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