Lake Garda tours – Sirmione, Malcesine and Borghetto sul Mincio

Lake Garda Tours

Would you like to join the best Lake Garda tours? Follow us and get to know our favorite three hamlets: Sirmione, Malcesine and Borghetto sul Mincio. A combination of history, taste and nature.

Lake Garda tours – Sirmione, the pearl of the lake

On the southern shore of Lake Garda, a very thin headland stretches for 4 km to the north: Sirmione Peninsula is one of the most charming spots at Lake Garda. Its magical atmosphere was already described by the Roman poet Catullus in the 1st century BC. Sirmione is a picturesque village dating back to the Lombards time. Its must-sees? On our guided tour we will lead you through history, art, architecture and poetry.

Lake Garda Tours

  • Scaliger Castle is a fortress entirely surrounded by the waters of Lake Garda. The only connection with the mainland is a small bridge that leads directly to the historical center of Sirmione. The castle was built in the 13th century by the Scaligeri, a family that ruled Verona for many years.
  • Catullus Cave is one of the most interesting attractions in Sirmione. Despite the name, we are talking about ancient Roman ruins dated between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD, so called because before coming to light they were covered by plants and shrubs that gave them the appearance of caves. Probably this ancient Roman Domus belonged to Catullus.
  • The Walk of the Muses is a 700-meter pedestrian path that runs along Lake Garda and boasts breathtaking panoramic views. It starts near the Scaliger Castle and ends at the Lido delle Bionde. The atmosphere of the landscape, enriched by white-pebbled beach, is definitely unique!

Lake Garda tours – Malcesine, the gate to Monte Baldo

Proceeding from south to north, the landscape changes. The coasts become narrower, the mountains are closer to the shore and fall sheer into the water. The atmosphere becomes more rugged and imposing. Malcesine is the last town in the province of Verona on the upper shore of the lake. Beyond, you’ll cross Trentino area.

  • In this changing panorama, the hamlet opens up, with its fortress overlooking the water and the majestic castle built in the Scaliger era. The Venetian-era wing houses the Natural History Museum of Garda and Monte Baldo. Climbing to the keep, the highest tower of the castle, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the lake.
  • From Malcesine you can take the cable car that connects Lake Garda to Mount Baldo. The line is equipped with special rotating cabins from which you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the blue of Lake Garda, which shrinks below you as you climb higher. From the arrival station at the top of Monte Baldo you can choose among different trails that are suitable for different levels and timings. They range from easy walks of half an hour to more challenging routes. There are numerous tracks to be followed by mountain bike, too!

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Lake Garda tours – Borghetto sul Mincio and its tortellini

A guided tour of Borghetto allows you to get to know two of the most pleasant towns in the morainic hills, along the course of the Mincio river, an emissary of Lake Garda. You will find ancient history, fairy-tale landscapes, stories of ghosts and fairies, and a refined and tasty cuisine.

Borghetto literally rises above the river Mincio and is renowned for its water mills that in ancient times exploited the river current. Many of the mills have now been transformed into restaurants, bars or vacation apartments. The village keeps its medieval atmosphere, with its Ghibelline merlons, the bell tower of San Marco and the wheels of the old water mills, some of which still turn. Borghetto has been included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Lake Garda Tours

  • The views are dominated by the famous Ponte Visconteo, a fortified dam built in 1393 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, to protect the eastern borders of his lands. The bridge was joined to the overlooking Scaliger Castle by two curtain walls to become part of the so-called Serraglio, a formidable fortified system that stretched for 16 kilometers in the plain between Lake Garda, Verona and Mantua.
  • Borghetto is famous for tortellini, ring-shaped Italian pasta filled with cheese or meat. In Borghetto there are many pasta factories which produce and sell tortellini and other egg pasta, as well as restaurants where it is possible to taste them, with broth, with butter and with various fillings. The tortellini are linked with a historical legend of the so-called “Nodo d’amore”. Come with us to get to know this amazing tale!

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Our amazing Lake Garda Tours led by experienced tour guides are the perfect way to surprise travelers!

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