Northern Italy tours – A journey through the world of Itinera Bike & Travel

Northern Italy tours A journey through the world of Itinera Bike & Travel

If you’ve ever wondered where the inspiration for our unique Northern Italy tours comes from, we’ll give you here a glimpse into our world.

Discover the travel planning which lies at the heart of Itinera Bike & Travel: in the age of digitalization, where everything seems to be a click away, customization, empathy and personal contact play an increasingly important role.

We are specialized in Food & wine, Active and Incentive Holidays in Verona, Valpolicella, Lake Garda. Why choose our Northern Italy tours?

We show you our land in a “slow” and environmentally-friendly way

Sustainability is at the core of our mission and vision: since ever, Itinera Bike & Travel has been advocating for a conscious and respectful travel mindset. As conscious travelers, we place value on slow and active travel that allows our guests to “walk” and “experience” the past and present of a place, in a way that can enrich their souls and spirits, but also be beneficial and with a purpose. Conscious traveling means supporting local communities, getting to know traditions and craftsmanship, and becoming an amplifier for those values! Travelling no longer means ticking off a list of tourist landmarks: travelling means “experiencing” and “slow discovery”. That’s the feeling we want to put into our Northern Italy tours.

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We guide you through nature, history and culture

As a small family-run business and tour operator in Verona, we know our territory as the back of our hand. What’s better than discovering Valpolicella and Lake Garda guided by our cultural and historical know-how? Our Northern Italy tours are designed to provide a highly immersive experience with enthusiasm and commitment. We lead our travelers personally through the best cultural and natural spots. Our in-destination local tour guides can provide them with a local point of view and bring every special detail to light (which probably they won’t see alone)!

We lead you through countryside hidden gems and lesser known destinations

We guide our travelers through the real Italy off the beaten tracks, away from hurriedly tourists’ sights and rushed sightseeing tours. Likewise, we’ll show you Verona, Valpolicella and Lake Garda from an unprecedented perspective! In the countryside we take our travelers to secret spots such as lesser known farmhouses, wine cellars, oil mills and local producers to get to know first-hand these centuries-old rural traditions. As well, within the most famous destinations we always try to show you unexpected and unknown views, and give our guests insider tips.

We believe in the power of networking

How can we provide top-notch quality for our Northern Italy tours? We test every tour and experience by ourselves and personally. We rely on a trustworthy partner network we have been expanding over the years. Together, we joined forces to reach the same goal: share the beauty of our land for incoming travelers!

We create tailor-made tours

The right Northern Italy tours for our guests? A tour which is tailored to their needs and expectations. Itinera Bike & Travel designs custom small group tours in Italy. Due to our great wealth of experience, we are able to bundle experiences that are tailored to personal wishes. After an accurate and personal quality control of the service providers, we create tailor-made offers together with our suppliers. It is not just sales, but personalized advice, since we know our destination and providers.

After this virtual journey through the values of our Northern Italy Tours travel company, let’s get in touch to design together amazing experiences!

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