Outdoor team activities? Bike & Rafting team building around Verona

outdoor team activities

The perfect ingredients for outdoor team activities: sense of freedom, unspoiled landscape and lots of adventure! Bike & Rafting team building around Verona is exactly what you need for your team.

For a few years now, this new way of experiencing the outdoors have fascinated travelers and businesses around the world. Especially during these times, outdoor team activities ensure safety and social distancing, but they provide the same beneficial outcome of other indoor corporate events, and even better!

The benefits of outdoor team activities

Outdoor team activities encompass all forms of experiences that involve nature-based activities: whether your team loves long, quiet walks, embracing the trend of “slow” tourism, or whether they go for adrenaline-pumping activities such as mountain biking and rafting: Italy always knows how to surprise.

Outdoor team activities are not only a way to be surrounded by nature and live authentic experiences. It is also a way to:

  • Contribute to your employees’ mental and physical well-being
  • Reconnect with the group
  • Create experiences that are “disconnected” from everyday life and the digital world
  • Enrich oneself through what you encounter along the way
  • Share values in a community
  • Establish unique relationships
  • Connect with the customs and traditions of a place
  • Make more responsible and sustainable choices

When people practice adrenaline activities such as rafting or e-bike, the body produces a hormone also called oxytocin. It is commonly called the love hormone or the social hormone, and it stimulates interpersonal relationships and group collaboration. It therefore leads to have more trust in others, as well as being more empathetic. Having a thrilling and unusual experience such as riding the river rapids or hilly slopes helps to strengthen the cohesion among the team members.

Last but not least, outdoor team activities, such as rafting and bike team building, don’t require technical requirements or knowledge, only trust and empathy! Employees need just to follow the guides directions advice and make the most out of their day!

Bike team building – combine physical activity and Italian flavors

Bike team building allows your team to bike along enchanting hilly paths, passing by historical and picturesque villages, and discover first-hand Italian food and wine delights. Historical wineries, farmhouses and castles: hidden gems that your team can discover only on the wheels!

Here are some outdoor team building activities around Verona:

Lake Garda E-bike

Your team will get out the crowded Lake Garda shores in a half-day or full-day tour and discover the charming countryside around Verona. Stop at picturesque villages such as Castellaro Lagusello, Borghetto sul Mincio, Solferino, Lazise, Garda and enjoy a break at a farmhouse or a cellar, to savor the real taste of the region such as Lugana, Custoza and Bardolino wine.


outdoor team activities

Valpolicella E-bike

Your team will ride amidst the flavors, scents and colors of Amarone gentle hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and historical fortresses. Half or full day active experience to stop along the way and taste wines and local products in renowned and family-run wine cellars.


outdoor team activities

Rafting team building – experience adrenaline and fun

Rafting team building is an adventurous experience in nature. On the raft, every single member will need to join forces and paddle at the right time. Every single person has to be active to move the team forward. Led by a professional rafting guide, rafting team building is suitable for everyone and gives the team the opportunity to discover some of the most stunning landscapes in the mountains at the footsteps of the Italian Alps!


Valdadige bike & rafting

The group will start the experience from Volargne, a small village in the Southern Valdadige. The name Valdadige (Etschtal in German or Adige valley in English) identifies the part of the valley crossed by the Adige River that runs from Merano to Rovereto. From the small village the cycle path runs along the wildest and narrower stretch of the valley. The route passes through the spectacular Chiusa dell’Adige, a canyon with high walls, and goes North. Then you’ll reach the dock where the rafting soft adventure starts.


outdoor team activities

Verona bike & rafting

The first part of the experience is by bike: your team will ride through the imposing city centre and then reach the dock to embark on the rafting adventure in the middle of the city! Rafting team building is an original and unique way to plunge even more in the charm of the city!


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Ready to embark on this new adventure? Itinera Bike & Travel has been planning painstakingly your outdoor team activities for years. Choose and design the best bike & rafting team building around Verona with your best local partner!

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