The Randonée is getting closer… How to get ready for it

Giorgio Murari, aka Musseu, answers to 8 questions about Grand Randonée VRV

1. How many kilometers do you pedal per year? This is a curiosity I cannot hold longer 🙂
Hi Elisa, I bike about 40.000 km per year.

2. How many km do you need to pedal per year to feel ready for the randonnée VRV?
5000 km are enough, with a couple of tours 300 km non stop.

3. What do you do the week before the randonnée?
I pedal not to much, only a couple of easy tours 50/100 km long.

4. What do you do the night before the randonnée?
Better sleep well.

5. What do you bring with you during the randonnée?
Cloths accordingly to the weather, the minimum, there’s the service in Resia, and a couple of bars. Anyway every max 70 km there’s a snack point.

6. And what do you do right after?
I take a good supplement and proteins are good, pasta for example.

7. You often suggest to train the mind, not only the legs. Give me a couple of words I can focus on, before and during the RVR.
Keep a positive mind and enjoy, feel the freedom and the unique contact with Mother Nature.

8. For who run the VRV, other randonnèes to suggest?
Hard to say, VRV is unique. For sure you need to pedal the Paris Brest Paris once in your life time.

Thank you Musseu!

The Randonnée VRV is organized by Sport Verona together with Traguardo Volante.

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