Verona Bike & Rafting Discovering Verona From the perspective of the water

Verona and its river Mills, stilt houses, water tolls, floods, stone and boat bridges, dams and canals, islands and buried rivers. Verona grew up also thanks to its position on the River Adige, many events of its history are strictly … Read More

Truffle hunting – Italy Gourmet Tour On the Appennini mountains Looking for truffles

Traveling through Italy looking for flavors and recipes that belong to it, the experience of truffle hunting could not be left out: a walk in the Appennini mountains together with the experts: the dog and his master.

A sip of Valpolicella

By e-bike across the countryside Giusto fuori Verona, la campagna e la collina è caratterizzata dalla coltivazione della vigna. A pergola o alla francese, i lunghi filari, come pettinati da enormi rastrelli, adornano il paesaggio già molto umanizzato. Conscendo i … Read More