7. Valdadige Loop itinerary

7. Valdadige Loop

Adige valley is embraced by mountains and steep cliffs. Scenic bike path

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47 km

+350 m

Free itinerary

Bike path in the lush green Adige valley. Perfect summer escapade!

Valdadige, the valley of river Adige, is a lush green area surrounded by high mountains, just 15 minutes by train from Verona main station. The itinerary starts off in the village of Domegliara and it mostly follows safe bike paths. First, the route discovers the right side of the river, beginning with a small climb that brings us to the panoramic spot of Rivoli Veronese, than the itinerary goes on the left side of the river and it turns spectacular by Chiusa di Ceraino, a dramatic canyon with high cliffs. Way back to Verona by train.

  • Safe and well signed bike path
  • Vineyards and mountains panorama
  • Spectacular Ceraino cliffs
  • Fresh and green valley
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