3. Valpolicella Classica itinerary

3. Valpolicella Classica

A ride in the heart of the region where the famous Amarone comes from

GPX format

50 km

+350 m

Free itinerary

Discover the best of Valpolicella, the reign of Amarone and red wine

Valpolicella is the name of a great red wine and of a valley close to Verona: a land made of terraced hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and cherry trees, spotted with rural houses and elegant Venetian Villas. This route goes out from Verona following a safe bike path and then it goes deep into Valpolicella region: enjoy a great view from the hill of Castelrotto, have a look at historical Villas, such as Villa della Torre, or at the Romanic church of San Floriano. The way back to Verona follows the river Adige and than a safe bike path.

  • Famous region of production of Valpolicella wine
  • Vineyards panorama
  • Wineries on the itinerary
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