Valpolicella wine tasting from tradition to innovation: meet Silvia from Farina wine estate

Valpolicella wine tasting from tradition to innovation: meet Silvia from Farina wine estate

When tradition meets innovation, wine tasting in Valpolicella reaches its best!

Have you ever heard about Valpolicella hills? Maybe yes or not, but probably you have tasted a wine named Valpolicella! ​​Valpolicella wines such us Amarone and Recioto come from this valley located in Veneto Region, close to Verona and Lake Garda.

Silvia is Hospitality Manager at Farina wine estate and for years now, we have been working together to delight our guests.

Farina wine estate is located in the eastern part of Valpolicella Classica , and it is easily accessible by bike from the city of Verona. The wine cellar is housed in an old farmhouse which has been recently renovated, and it boasts a charming courtyard and a vineyard nearby. Farina hosts the whole wine chain in its property, covering the process from vine to glass: vineyards surround the farmhouse, the production area houses stainless steel and wood barrels and the shop serves as a large tasting room where they also offer light lunch upon request.

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Silvia, nice to meet you, and thank you for your time!

Would you like to give us a brief overview about the superb destination of Valpolicella?

Valpolicella is the land where we were born, that has welcomed us for generations. I was born here and I can say, it’s a unique territory: hills stretch as far as the eye can see and are dotted with picturesque villages and fortresses which have fascinated Italians and foreigners alike for years. Valpolicella is a hidden gem, known as the “Pearl of Verona” because it’s only few step away from the city and in only 20 minutes you can reach Lake Garda (Bardolino and Lazise).

This land offers a wide range of experiences by bike or on foot, along the paths winding up the hills which pass by wine cellars and non-tourisity restaurants where to unwind over a glass of wine. It’s an all-round experience!

When was Farina wine estate founded and when did you start to provide wine tasting in Valpolicella?

Farina is one of the most historical wineries in Valpolicella and was founded 110 years ago. From sharecroppers, the Farina family bought then the land in 1962 and started to produce their own brand. Since then, the Farina family has brought forward our winemaking tradition with a keen eye for innovation.

Our expertise related to wine tasting in Valpolicella is constantly developing since I was in charge of hospitality. On our guided wine cellar tours, we try to bring wine tasting to the next level, combining the world of winemaking and farm-to-table products.

How long have you been working with Itinera Bike & Travel? Tell us something more about your network.

I have known Elisa personally for 7 years now, and I introduced her to our world here at Farina and since then we have built up a reliable partner network base. We are a great team!

Here, travelers arrive by bike together with a qualified bike guide to make an exciting stop before leaving for the next destination. They can witness the whole winemaking process. The journey begins with grape cultivation in the vineyard and then they will explore the tradition practice of drying the grapes in the “fruttaio”, through the vinification process, the wine aging in wood barrels, concrete wine tanks and now also the innovative system in baked clay! The journey will end by delighting their senses with the aromas and flavors of our wines tasted in the charming setting of the historical Colombaia and in the new evocative structure built in our court of 1500.

What do wine tourists look for on their wine tasting in Valpolicella?

Tourists are looking for authenticity and passion: Wine is not just a consumer product, but it is a tourism experience. Guests are looking for cozy atmosphere and care: travelers needs to feel at ease and not stick to a tight schedule. We chat, we discover, we have fun, we taste, we compare. Our experience involves all senses.

Foremost, we address our guests in their language. We provide professional tours in English, German and Italian. Furthermore, discovering the wine-making process paves the way to local food, cheese from alpine pastures and slow food presidia. In this extent, we share the values of our partner, Itinera Bike & Travel.

How do you see the future of wine tourism and wine tasting in Valpolicella?

The future entails more and more customization. With Itinera Bike & Travel we design private and small group tours, and we are at disposal to craft every personalization need.

For now, our successful collaboration forms for the future are mainly two:

  • The classic tour of the vineyard, with wine aging cellars and tasting of six wines with local products.
  • Light lunch after the tour with the tasting of 6 wines, cold cut and cheese board, bread and focaccia, giardiniera, typical Veronese dessert, coffee and grappa.

We’ll see what the future holds, but we are ready to fulfill the dreams of our travelers, sharing and combining our expertise and lining up with our values!

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