Verona wine tours – Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza

Verona wine tours will lead through exceptional world-class wines in the charming Verona wine region. This gem is not only the city of love, that inspired Shakespeare and touches the heart of every couple, but it’s the Italian wine capital: a city steeped in history and tradition which became part of the UNESCO heritage list.

The province of Verona, with its hills, Lessini mountains and Lake Garda has been for thousands of years a territory suited for a wide and varied wine production.

There are 8 DOC areas in the province of Verona and 5 DOCG, two important quality assurance labels: 14% of all Italian wine is produced in the province of Verona. Vinitaly, with more than 4,600 exhibitors, is the largest wine fair in the world!

Wine Tourism in Verona

Such a wide and varied landscape is waiting for every wine lover (and not only). To make the most out of it, our tour guides in Verona are specialized in wine tourism, and we work with the best partner wineries in its wine-making surroundings.

Visiting a winery, walking among vineyards, seeing how wine is made, learning how to appreciate it and how to match it with typical dishes is a way to get to know and immerse oneself in the culture of the territory, as much as visiting churches and museums. Wine is in fact connected to history, culture and local traditions. The production areas around Verona are very impressive. Besides wine and fabulous hilly landscapes, you will also find a lot of history and art: Roman ruins, medieval castles, magnificent renaissance villas.

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Wine Tasting in Verona

If you want to have a wine tasting in Verona, in the historical center there are many wine shops, bars, restaurants that can lead you through a journey of Verona wines. A guided Verona wine and food tour is the best way to combine culture and art with an in-depth study on wine and culinary traditions.

Wine cellars around Verona

The wine production areas of the province of Verona are no more than half an hour by car/by bike from the city center. Verona wine tours are just at your fingertips! A guided visit to a winery with tasting is an experience for everyone, not only for wine lovers and experts, it’s a truly incredible experience! Here you can learn from the winemaking techniques, visit the winemaking areas, stroll through the vineyards and have a wine tasting with an expert sommelier. In some wineries you can have lunches, dinners, private events, team building activities.

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What are the main wine areas?

Verona wine tours – Valpolicella

The territory of Valpolicella extends north of the city of Verona and the nearby Lake Garda is only 15 kilometers away. It is a heritage of culture and culinary traditions to be discovered and experienced. The most successful label is certainly Amarone della Valpolicella, the first DOCG to be produced. Already present in 1968 as DOC, it became DOCG in 2010 and is produced with Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes. It is a sort of prolonged vinification (45-50 days) of Recioto (30 days), a sweet wine.

Verona wine tours – Soave

We move to the hills east of Verona: the medieval castle of Soave overlooks proudly the valley. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, and it is worth visiting it for its historical and cultural beauties as well as for its delicious food and wine delicacies. The view here is surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old wineries: It is not by chance that Soave in 2018 has been recognized as an agricultural heritage worldwide.

Soave DOC is the most bottled Italian white DOC, as well as Valpolicella is the second most exported red DOC, after Chianti. Here there are also two renowned DOCGs: Soave Superiore and Recioto, a sweet white grape wine.

Verona Wine tours – Custoza, Bardolino, Lugana at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake which touches three regions: Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto. To the north it is surrounded by mountains, while as you go down the landscape opens up and stretches between the morainic hills. The climate is temperate and in winter, thanks to the lake, temperatures are mild. The wines produced are Lugana and Custoza DOC, fresh and pleasant white wines. Bardolino DOCG is made from selected red Corvina, Rondinella and Sangiovese grapes that are dried slightly.

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