Via Romea Germanica: ancient Camino by bike

Via Romea Germanica by bike


Via Romea Germanica is a 2,200-km-long historic European Camino that links the North of Germany to Rome. Pilgrims walked along this route to pay homage to the holy apostles Peter and Paul in Rome. The Camino has recently become part of the Paths of Europe, an important international cooperation network that supports the main European cultural itineraries.

The walk route follows tracks which are too offroads for biking. We’ve been studying the best practicable dirt roads to ride the Italian piece of Via Romea Francigena by bike.

We suggest to use a hybrid bike or a gravel bike: quite fast on tarmac and still effective on strada bianca. But e–bikes or road bikes with thicker tires are good solutions too.

The itinerary from From the Alps to the Eternal City is divided into 12 challenging bike days (2 weeks, 80–110 km per day) or 18 easy bike days (3 weeks, 50–70 km per day).

You don’t need to pedal the whole route to Rome, you can pick just one week.

Either you join us for the challenging journey or you bike the easy route, the style is the slow travel: we enjoy breaks in towns and villages, we take time to discover historical sites, take pictures and fully dive into the natural surroundings.

Yes, the journey is a dip in history and spirituality, among nature, beautiful landscapes and art treasures.

2021 Itinerary promotion event

From 6th to 22nd July 2021, four tour operators of the ActiveItaly network – active and sustainable tourism will promote the entire Italian Via Romea Germanica with their travel proposals, both on foot and by bike.
This beautiful itinerary, ancient important pilgrimage route, is rich in history and has a great value both from a landscape and historical architectural point of view.

Walking along it we’ll discover a great and less known minor Italy, from the Alps to the sea to Rome, the Eternal City.
Use your testimonium as a memento of your intimate enterprise or shared with other friends.
Traveling it with a spiritual, touristic or active goal is a wonderful adventure.

Circolo degli esploratori • Itinera BikePedaliamo in ItaliaSloways

Via Romea Germanica
From the Alps to the sea

CHALLENGING (max. 100 km/day)
by hybrid/gravel bike

7 days, 6 nights, 6 days by bike

5–12 July 2021 • with tour leader

Via Romea Germanica
From Ravenna to Rome

CHALLENGING (max. 100 km/day)
by hybrid/gravel bike

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days by bike

11–18 July 2021 • with tour leader

Via Romea Germanica
From Brenner to Padua

EASY (max. 65 km/day)
by hybrid/gravel bike

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days by bike

Self guided, with luggage transfer

Partners in the promotion of Via Romea Germanica, by foot and by bike


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