Sustainability and good practices

The bike is such a simple thing, right? Well, we truly believe it is one of the key ingredient to make our world better, in the everyday life as much as on holidays! Bike doesn't create pollution: you are your own energy. It does not even create noise pollution: together with walking, it is a real silent and discreet way to travel. We promote a slow way of traveling: time is the secret ingredient for accepting and appreciating differences, meeting each other.

  • Beyond world-recognized beauties, in our routes we include less-known destinations, so to discover hidden treasures and bring economy there where there is less of it.
  • We prefer small Hotels with true and authentic Italian hospitality.
  • We include experiences run by local people or by people who know and love our area.
  • We try to favour departures outside the peak tourist season.
  • Most of our multi day Tours depart and arrive in locations which are well connected with public transportation.
  • In our basic package of multi day Tours we do not include the luggage transfer: we provide bike panniers to carry all luggage on the bike, so to avoid extra car traffic. Luggage transfer can be included as extra. As first option it is scheduled on standard days so to serve multiple travelers.
  • We favour partnerships with companies that have ethical behaviour with their staff and show no discrimination with regard to gender, ethnicity, religious faith, sexual orientation, etc.

  • We support local food production, possibly organic, and the use of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • We select small businesses located out of the mass tourist routes: quality local restaurants with seasonal products, family-run farms, artisanal producers.
  • We support overnight stays in establishments that adopt an environmentally friendly and sustainable style in the long term.
  • We conclude fair and transparent employment contracts with our staff members.
  • We carry out separate waste collection.
  • We reduce paper printouts: we use recycled sheets and provide our customers with digital travel documents and road books..
  • We don't purchase disposable plastic water bottles and support the drinking of tap water on refillable bottles.
  • We use ecological products for cleaning.
  • We plan to designs Tours that can be attended by people with disabilities.

  • We plan to support sustainability-related projects, for example allocating funds for planting trees along bike paths.

We’re committed to work always better with people, community and nature.

On July 2023 we received the sustainability certification by Travelife.