Sustainability mission statement

Sustainability statement

The bike is such a simple thing, right? Well, we truly believe it is a great ingredient to make our world better! Bike doesn't create pollution: you are your own energy. It does not even create noise pollution: together with walking, it is a real silent and discreet way to travel. We promote a slow way of traveling: time is the secret ingredient for accepting and appreciating differences, meeting each other. We plan the itineraries so to avoid tourist traps. By bike we stick on bike paths and secondary roads, we reach small villages and venture in the countryside. We sustain small businesses: quality local restaurants, family-run farms, artisanal producers, which suffer (and love!) the fact of being located out of the mass tourist routes. We prefer small Hotels with true and authentic Italian hospitality. We suggest less-known monuments and locations, so to discover the hidden places in-between the main attractions of our territory. We keep alive stories about local culture and traditional recipes. The majority of our bike holidays departs and arrives in locations which are well connected with public transportation: buses and trains can be a great way to move around. To make your cycling holiday easier and lighter, we provide the luggage transfer from Hotel to Hotel, which is made by car or minivan. The booking of our standard self guided holidays is available on a certain day of the week, so to use the same van/car for luggage transfer of multiple travelers. But if you want to minimize the environmental impact and avoid extra car traffic, choose to bring the essential with you and carry it all on your own bike. We’ll provide the bags you need and explain you the best way to do it.

  • Documents and roadbooks are not printed, but digital: let’s avoid waste of paper.
  • We do not support disposable plastic bottles. We are happy to borrow our travelers a reusable water bottle to use during the cycling holiday.
  • In the office and rental point, we provide filtered water and support the drinking of tap water on refillable bottles.
  • On the pic nics we offer, we use re-usable glasses and plates.
  • When possible, we reuse printing paper.