Itinera Bike & Travel towards a sustainable path


Federica is Tour Leader & Travel Designer at Itinera Bike & Travel who is actively involved in promoting sustainable tourism practices and committed to obtaining Travel Life sustainable certification. Itinera Travel & Bike initiatives to promote sustainable tourism are inherent in the identity of this experience provider and include encouraging the use of bikes as a means of transportation to explore the area, working with small family-owned bed and breakfasts, promoting direct relationships with local wineries for wine tastings. Federica’s dedication to sustainability and her leadership in promoting sustainable tourism, bringing to light one of our most important value, make her a role model!

Let’s meet her!

Can you explain what Travel Life certification is?

Travelife is a certification program that promotes sustainable tourism practices for travel companies and accommodations around the world. The certification covers environmental, social, and economic sustainability criteria, and it is awarded to companies that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. The certification process involves an assessment of a company’s sustainability practices, and it provides a framework for implementing and improving sustainability policies.

Can you tell us about your current project and its timeline?

We are currently undergoing the final revision of our last task. So, we plan to have good news soon and show you our certification. It is important to follow the action plan and update it as the timeline changes in the future and as we implement more sustainable practices.

What important message would you like to communicate to stakeholders regarding your sustainable path?

It’s important to approach things differently and not ignore problems. We need to focus on sustainability and promote it in everything we do, also when we get in touch with different stakeholders and partners. It’s important they share our same vision.

One example is working with partner hotels to ensure that they are certified for their sustainability practices. We engage with them and if they are not certified, we encourage them to commit to sustainability principles. We focus on sustainability not only in terms of recycling and energy consumption, but also the well-being of employees. Furthermore, we ensure that they receive fair wages, insurance, and other benefits.

Can you give an example of how you promote sustainability in your work?

We are promoting multi-day tours that do not require transfer of luggage from hotel to hotel. Instead, we encourage travelers to clients to travel light and engage in sustainable practices. We are also offering price cuts to promote slow mobility. Itinera Bike & Travel provides bike fitting services to ensure that the bikes are adjusted to the riders’ needs and comfort. However, the riders are responsible for reaching the starting point of the tour on their own, which can be done by using public transportation such as a train. This approach promotes sustainable transportation options and can reduce the carbon footprint of the tour. A new bike washing system recycles waste water and saves energy was our last investment to this extent.

Moreover, we work with small family-owned bed and breakfasts instead of larger hotel chains. We also promote direct relationships with local wineries for wine tastings and local farmers, fostering social sustainability.

Thank you, Federica!

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