5 steps to design the best cycling holidays in Italy around Verona and Lake Garda

For some years now, cycling holidays in Italy have fascinated travelers around the world. Now, active travel has gained even more importance: travelers want to breathe clean air, take cycling vacations, rediscovering nature after long periods spent at home.

Biking is undoubtedly the perfect way to travel in an active way: it is a real window on the world that allows the landscapes to flow slowly, a little at a time. Through paved and dirt routes, more or less challenging trails, cycling is a sustainable way to please everyone, young and old.

We are an Italian bike tour company specialized in B2B custom and small group tours. Let’s see 5 steps that we are implementing on a regular basis to design the best cycling holidays in Italy around Verona and Lake Garda.

1# Design an off the beaten path experience

When it comes to organize cycling holidays in Italy it’s crucial to avoid traffic-congested roads. With Itinera Bike & Travel travelers will ride a bike along countryside off-the-beaten trails, discovering landscapes, colors and scents that with more comfortable means of transport would have certainly passed unnoticed: vineyards, olive groves, sunflower fields, pastures and valleys.

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But also, castles and perched villages that are not included in the list of major tourism highlights and can only reached by bike. Villa della Torre, Custoza hills near Lake Garda, Treviso and Prosecco Road, the area of Bassano, Valdadige: our land boasts surprises and hidden gems!

2# Pivot on expert cycling guides

The bike tour guide plays an essential role in accompanying tours and groups, even on apparently simple cycling holidays in Italy.

Bike trails are better to be tackled always with expert guides, who can give you practical advice and historical information, but especially ensure your safety. It is a highly recommended service: it will give travelers peace of mind and added value for an enchanting and local biking experience to remember and repeat.

Our staff is composed by expert and qualified bike guides who will lead our travelers to enjoy the most beautiful views of the area in complete safety and relax!

3# Include wine and food stops

To combine travelers’ desire for sport together with the passion for good wine and food, there is nothing better than a bike tour which includes the most renowned wine and food locations in Italy. Travelers can get out from the bustling city of Verona and go for an outdoor experience that will delight their palate!

The surroundings of Verona boast an incredible variety of landscapes that can fulfill bicycle and wine lovers.

Valpolicella, Soave, Prosecco land…the bike is perfect because it allows to make several stops along the way to discover farmhouses and cellars, where travelers can taste local products and wines!

4# Suit the tour to different levels

Verona and generally speaking North Italy, thanks to at times hilly and flat surroundings, is suitable for all bike tours, for different levels and difficulties. We offer multi-day cycling holidays suitable for every type of rider, even the most demanding one.

Our outdoor experiences are designed personally to meet travelers’ needs and expectations, and especially appeal to their mind and heart! We can co-design your trip in order to strike the best balance between adventure and safety.

5# Plan carefully logistics and bike support

Logistics is a key part in organizing cycling holidays in Italy. We are in charge to plan carefully and seamlessly the logistics flow so that travelers can be transferred from one place to another according to the travel itinerary without losing that sense of attachment to nature and sport-based activities.

Our tours cannot take without our “bike support”: a tour leader which is taking care of all the technical and practical issues and seize every the group need in order to provide for peace of mind and seamless experience.

Accommodation is also paramount: our partner network include specialized B&B and bike hotels that offer hospitality and services to bike tourists.

5 steps to design the best cycling holidays in Italy around Verona and Lake Garda

Cycling holidays in Italy are one of the best ways to live an adventure in harmony with everything that surrounds us.

With Itinera Bike & Travel, our bikers can discover the territory following their own pace and that of nature: get a closer look at our cycling holidays in Italy!


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