Food and Wine in Italy as holiday driver for 2023

food and wine in italy

Food and wine in Italy? An important holiday driver! Italy is widely renowned for its food and wine, which are integral components of the holiday experiences of both Italians and foreigners.

As the world leader in food and wine tourism, Italy is a true ambassador of its land’s richness. This is made evident by the fact that the country boasts 8141 certified products (IG) as of November 2021, 315 of which are agri-food and 526 are wines. This number has seen a steady increase over the last decade. Every Italian region and province has at least one certified production. Italy is also a leader in organic farming, with roughly 86,000 organic farms and 25,000 farmsteads that have safeguarded the secrets of peasant cuisine for centuries. There are many activities and events, such as festivals and wine roads, that honor the country’s culinary and wine customs.

According to the most recent Food & Wine report, 90 percent of Italians took trips or weekend getaways involving food and wine culture in the last year. There is also a great deal of interest from foreigners in food and wine tourism, which has helped to spread the popularity of Made in Italy food around the world. Coldiretti, the most prominent Italian agricultural association, has predicted that this industry will reach a record high of 60 billion euros by 2023.

Let’s discover the main trends for 2023!

Wine reigns supreme

Wine is the undisputed ruler of the Italian food and wine scene in 2022 and 2023. Despite the pandemic, the sector has grown by 2%. Wine has become a major draw for travelers and has been a driving force behind online bookings for food and wine-related experiences.

Farm Holidays on the rise

The farm holiday industry has experienced an increase due to its ability to provide a combination of relaxation and flavor, as well as the natural beauty of rural locations. The amount of farms that offer tasting options and other activities, especially those outdoors, have significantly increased.

Well-being is crucial

The importance of well-being is growing when it comes to food and wine vacations. To ensure that tourists can have a restorative experience, it is important to create tourism products and routes that incorporate well-being with delicious food and wine. This is leading to an increase in farm holidays.

New Food & Wine Travelers on the scene

Food and wine tourists are becoming more discerning and hands-on. They expect creativity, innovation, and experiences tailored to their needs. Instead of quickly eating and drinking, they are taking their time to savor the flavors. This has led to a surge in the popularity of activities such as vineyard trekking, cycling on white roads, and taking part in local events.

Ever-new Experiences are needed

The wine and food tourist is looking for more than just traditional winery tours and tastings; they desire ever-evolving and unique experiences. Popular and creative experiences include farm holidays that come with activities like yoga or pilates in natural settings. Tourists are also searching for newer formats, like temporary restaurants in hotels, home delivery, and digital tastings.

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