Top Verona multi-day tours by bike for 2023

verona multi-day tours

Draped across Northeast Italy, Verona Multi-Day Tours by bike open up a varied natural landscapes and historical heritage. The area around Verona is the most fascinating setting in the Veneto region, starting of course with the nearby shores of Lake Garda and its enchanting villages and rolling down to the Venetian Lagoon. From Lessini Mountains and Valpolicella up to the Alps along the Sun Route. The green heart of Veneto has it all!

This land between valleys and hills is fertile and rich in history, culture and flavors: bike along gentle hills and stop at local wineries to taste the excellent wines produced in Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino or Soave vineyards. Moreover, from here you can easily reach by bike stunning art cities such as the celebrated Venice but also Vicenza, Padua and Mantova.

A wealth of destinations, ideal for an in-depth exploration!

Here you can find our top Verona Multi-day Tours by bike for 2023, that you can undertake alone, with your partner, travel mates and family!

1# From Verona to Venice along Venetian villas and rivers

This route goes along some of the most important art cities of northern Italy in an area dotted with Venetian Villas crossed by important waterways.

This trip is ideal for those who want to have more time on their hands to appreciate the artistic treasures of the cities of Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. Not only art and history: the itinerary follows important waterways, such as the Adige, Bacchiglione and Brenta, surrounded by countryside with large crops of corn, vines and vegetables. Go along the less-travelled road and experience the real Veneto!

verona to venice

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2# Lake Garda and its charming waterfront hamlets

Lake Garda teems with colors, hamlets and good wine. The largest in Italy is at the same time one of the most scenic. Its shores are dotted with natural beauty and picturesque villages, medieval castles, ancient ruins, frescoed churches. Leave your bike and embark on boat trips, nature hikes and vineyard-hopping.

There are really many charming villages to see such as Peschiera del Garda with its fortifications, Desenzano del Garda and its Archaeological Museum, Lazise with the Church of San Nicolò, Bardolino with its marina and Sirmione for its thermal properties. Peschiera del Garda is the perfect base for exploring the lake area by bike: the hilly countryside, the ancient villages, the immense vineyards and olive groves and the beautiful coastline just few miles away!

lake garda self-guided tours

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3# From Bolzano to Verona, from the mountains to the countryside

A bike ride that runs through the heart of Trentino linking the province of Bolzano to that of Verona. 98 kilometers along the Adige Valley, skirting the river and crossing the entire province of Trento from north to south. It is the longest cycle route in the Trentino bicycle network and is full of evidence that tell the ancient history of a borderland.

Pages of a memory that unravels among prized lands cultivated with vineyards and orchards, with industrious villages that haven’t changed over time. The bike path is protected from traffic for almost the entire route, and goes along the old embankment roads crossing orchards and vineyards.

from bolzano to verona

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4# Valpolicella, a heaven for wine lovers

North of Verona, Valpolicella, is the area renowned throughout the Veneto for its wine production. ​​Pedal the vine-covered slopes of Amarone and stop to unwind over a glass of wine. Valpolicella area is indeed a mosaic of charming villas, fortresses and picturesque hamlets.

Surrounded by rows of vineyards and protected by a large city wall, the town of Soave is the home of the amazing white wine of the same name and the site of a majestic medieval castle that stands on the hill, Mount Tenda, where one can also enjoy a panoramic view of the entire valley.

The village of San Giorgio di Valpolicella boasts splendid views of the valley and the important Romanesque church of San Giorgio, which still contains frescoes, the original cloister and baptistery.

valpolicella bike

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5# From Peschiera del Garda to Mantua, along the river Mincio

From Peschiera del Garda the Mincio bicycle path begins. it crosses part of the Po Valley zigzagging to the city of Mantua. The route is also known by the name Mantua Peschiera bicycle path. The Peschiera Mantua bike path is one of the most beautiful in northern Italy. Suitable for people of all ages, having a very modest elevation gain, especially for families and those who love being outdoors! The trail follows the Mincio River almost all the way along, particularly as it crosses the moraine hills.

The bike path crosses the jewel of Borghetto sul Mincio, a small hamlet of Valeggio sul Mincio. A small gem with a medieval heart, located between Lake Garda and Verona and recently included in the list of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. Take the chance to taste Borghetto sul Mincio’s famous tortellini, called love knots, in one of the village’s traditional restaurants!

borghetto sul mincio

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